I had my gall bladder out in 2004. Within three months, had put on weight but managed to keep it down to 15-20 pounds for the past few years. I exercise ALOT, marathons, endurance bike rides etc but nothing shifted the weight…until I went to a nutritionist who, upon me stating I had my gall bladder out, asked if I noticed weight gain. I was stunned and told her I thought it was an age thing. She suggested Licethin and Digestive Enzymes to aid in the breaking down and processing of the fat. As she put it, without the gallbladder, the fat just gets thrown into your body, your back, stomach etc. Three weeks into taking these two additional supplements and I have noticed a substantial weight loss by not changing anything in my diet or exercise routine. I have lost five pounds. I suspect that by end of year I will be back down to my pre-surgery weight. And yes, sciatic nerve pain and back pain increased post gall bladder surgery, but plenty of exercise helps me keep that all in check. So for anyone, particularly women, and peri-menopause ones at that, I can oly reccommend to go and see a properly certified Nutritionist who can make a world of difference. It was well worth my £60 and two hours of my time! Hope this has helped someone!