“I have a cure that worked for me, bile relux has been plaguing me for 5 years and i had been getting misdiagnosed with acid reflux, until i started getting the severe esophageal pains that you described, so i went to 100% acid neutralization and was still getting the esophageal spasms/cramping, thats how i knew it was never acid reflux, i also had the abdominal buring, hydrochloric acid can not cause this, only bile can cause this burning sensation in the stomach, i also had the other clear bile reflux symptoms but doctors did not pick up on any of them? What a joke!! I eventually got a 24 hr pH test which clearly showed non acidic liquids jumping up from my stomach, contrary to what people think, bile acid is actually alkaline.

What you need to do is realise that any acid blocking medication is making the problem worse, due to “”Delayed gastric emptying””, PPI are also known to aggrevate symptoms and cause attacks to be more frequent although not as severe. When i realised what i had to do to cure myself i panicked, i thought if i stop taking acid blockers i will be in agony within 12 hours, and i was right, i had intense esophageal pains that lasted 8 hours all through the night, i only ate dry toast and sipped water in between for 1 day, that night i slept with stomach pains and burning, the next morning, my condition was 10 times better, the burning had gone and my esophagus was breathing a sigh of relief.

Its so simple when you think of it, bile is getting into the stomach! solution is to stop it getting into the stomach and to stop bile production, you do not need meds to do this just some bravado.

How does this work? when we first went to the doctors are condition was not as bad as it is now, am i correct? We had bile in the stomach, our pyloric valve was weak, we had burning sensation, so we got put on acid blockers, they cause delayed gastric emptying which causes excess gas, and high pressure fat destruction dilates the stomach valves making the problem worse, allowing more bile in and alows it to damage the stomach for longer, delayed gastric emptying causes back flow and hey presto the bile goes into your esophagus and causes severe damage, this problem spirals downwards and the condition gets worse over time and causes additional problems. When we first got the problems, we probably were not looking after ourselves as we should fatty foods? late night snacks? overeating? If all we had done back then is changed our eating habits and lifestyle instead of going to the doctors we would have been cured years ago, in fact the problems would have gone in 24 hours.
So this is how it works, which is all the opposites to the above, the problem causers, we need to improve digestion and gastric emptying, to do this we need to stop the acid blockers or any acid neutralizing drugs, we need to eat non fat non dairy products, small ammounts regular, the gall bladder reduces the ammount of bile produced, this meansevery time that stomach valve opens to empty, it takes the bile into the intestines with it, in the meantime the bread soaks up all excess stoch acids and bile like a sponge and stops it splashing up to the esophagus, hence why you should not drink until you feel your stomach empty, you do not want fluids splashing around.
Imagine your valve is a door, imagine you are bile, you are on one side and every time that door opens you tries to run through, but when it opens a 1000 people on the other side coming running through the door in the opposite direction, your going to have getting through arent you, the doors is slightly ajar, so you sneak through and 1000 people are all stood still, so you make your way through the crowd, before you can get through the crowd surge’s forward and drags you back to the other side of the door and down the street, lol.
I can laugh about it now because it is all so simple, i spent years in agony and depression, get through that 24 hours and you come cback and tell me you do not feel 10 times better, the day after you will feel like the illness never happened, whenever you get a bit of reflux, eat dry toast and it will work 10 times better than any acid blocker did.
Gradually build up your diet, rice and fish, fresh vegeatbles,the odd banana, sleep elevated to combat reflux, because no doubt you have lower esophageal impedence and you will find a new lease of life, forget drugs, the only thing that might help is Bile diversion surgery, but why even have that when it is so easy to self heal.
Because you stomach acids will be back to normal level and food is being broken down properly to release nutrients you will also get all your energy back, because of the new healthy diet you will probably live longer and happier life.
Natural things are always best, get plenty of excercise once you get your energy back, your stomach will empty even faster and your body will get even stronger and so on, just build on it and appreciate you got a second chance. summarize.
The Problem
The problems is bile getting into the stomach.
The catalyst is delayed gastric emptying, causing backflow of acids into the esophagus
The cause of delayed gastric emptying is acid blockers, low stomach levels.

The Treatment(so simple it blows the mind)
Speed up gastric emptying by stop taking acid blockers or any other medication and by eating small meals regular.
Do not eat foods that will promote the production of bile.

The Result
You are cured, you have broken out of the viscious cycle and are in the recovery process, every time bile comes into the stomach it gets flushed back down into the intestines before it can do any damage.
Long term your body gets stronger to the point where you actually cure the problem completely, the lower esophageal sphincter recovers from the constant bombardment and gets its strength back,reducing reflux symptoms, stomach muscles start to contract strong again, nutrients, vitamins, proteins and calcium get released from the food and absorbed, due to the stomach acids being at the correct level again and everything just starts spiralling back up.

The Conclusion

If you do not break the viscious cycle you will be plagued by this for the rest of your life, everything you try to do and every medication you take will cause other health problems and make symptoms worse. ”