“In regard to the weight gain, I can share with you the way my nutritionist explained it to me…
After gallbladder removal you have a constant flow of bile that is considerably weaker than if it had been simmering and condensing in your gallbladder. The purpose of bile is to break down fats so the body can get the Essential Fatty Acids and fat soluble vitamins it needs. Weaker bile means that it is more difficult for your body to break down and absorb EFAs. When your body senses a shortage of EFAs it panics and stores fat because it thinks it’s not getting enough and wants to have some in reserve just in case. After all the body needs EFAs for proper brain function.

SO…after gallbladder removal it’s vital to OVER-supplement with EFA’s so that body doesn’t kick into survival and fat storage mode. For me this means 1 Tablespoon of (mercury-free) fish oil every day, and I eat 3oz of salmon or sardines everyday. I also have a fruit smoothie every morning with coconut oil–the only fat your body doesn’t need bile to break down and it also promotes weight loss. I also add 1-2 T of Soy Lecithin to my smoothie, which is a fat emusifier that does some of the work of bile to help your body properly digest fats.

The other thing that will help you properly digest fats is supplementing digestive enzymes (for fats lipase). Taking digestive enzyme supplements (check label- should have lipase plus 4-5 other enzymes) with meals will also help stop bloating, gas and constipation.

Hope this helps!”