“Hi everyone,
I too had my gallbladder out- June ’07 and suffer from Bile Salt Diarrhea also.
Just recently my naturopath recommended I take a calcium supplement to “”bind”” me up. If you do a search for “”Bile salt diarrhea”” you will see all the people that it has helped (including me). I take a 1/2 of a Citracal right BEFORE I eat (if you take it while eating or after, it doesn’t work as well). You may have to adjust the dosage for your own body. I also take calcium/magnesium supplements (which will make me “”go”” so I will take a whole pill then to counteract the magnesium effect) Many of the blogs recommend Caltrate- I have found both work well. Plus, they are inexpensive-and if you are a woman- you need the calcuim ANYWAY! Why take a RX with possible side effects when calcium works. You DO have to be careful because it can make you constipated though. So you have to adjust to YOU. But, please don’t eliminate ALL fats- we DO need them!
If I had known of the possible side effect I probably would still have had the surgery because of the extreme pain I was in. My GB wasn’t working AT ALL so I had no choice. I hope this helps- I still have the big “”D”” if I forget to take the calcium-so I don’t think it will be going away anytime soon!