“Contrary to popular belief the gallbladder has a very important function. It serves as a storage site for bile. Bile is designed to emulsify (digest) fats. When we eat meals with moderate amounts of fat the gallbladder releases its stores of bile to aid the liver in digesting the fat.

The loose stools and urgency are very common side effects of gallbladder removal and/or dysfunction.

Because fats are essential for human health, they cannot simply be avoided. Good luck trying! Fats are required in the diet to help us absorb fat soluble vitamins such as Vit A,D,E and K. Fats are also important for the brain and our cell membranes. Fats also provide the building block for steroid hormones in the body such as estrogen, testosterone etc…

Some common side effects of gallbladder removal are:

Light colored stools
Hormone Imbalances
Gas and Bloating
Dry Skin
Weight Gain

You cannot be healthy without a gallbladder. You can live, but be miserable. It is a shame when doctors remove the gallbladder. It is the greatest disservice your doctor can do to send you home and pretend you don’t need one. What a joke. There is a reason god put one there, and it was not for doctors to remove for the sake of doing a $5-10,000 surgery. Taking pain meds to fight the diarrhea is not the solution either, unless you really hate your liver.

In my practice we treat patients that have had their gallbladders removed. We use a very cheap and effective tablet that mimmicks the function of the gallbladder, since you don’t have one anymore, the next best thing is to take a digestive aid that mimmicks its function.

The supplement costs just pennies a meal and is only available from health care providers.

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