I am a 25 year old female and had my gall bladder removed at 16 years old due to gall stones. Despite the nasty side effects, when I turned 21 I was a pretty heavy drinker. Jose Cuervo being my alcohol of choice. Sometimes I would pass out before I got sick but most of the time I would throw up all the alcohol I drank that night and any food there might have been. For some reason everytime I drink I get the munchies but it all comes right back up. After a while it started to piss me off so I tried to figure out my body and what I could do to stop barfing everytime I drink. Eating something high protien but still low in fat right before going out to drink works for me. for example: skinless and seasonless chicken, tuna, cold water fish, turkey. Also some kind of whole grain side like brown rice or bread. Some other things that helped were to spread out the liqquor because it will hit you all at once. For some reason not having a gall bladder messes with blood sugar I have noticed. Also, taking a couple ibproufin and hydration is key. So, a well balanced meal about an hour before drinking, headache medicine, and dring water all day long before going out will really help. You have to stabalize yur blood sugar. If I dont do this, I throw up yellow stuff and have a headache until all of it comes out. I cant even hold down water when I let myself get to that point. It is the worst felling ever. The whole reason our gall bladders were removed is because we werent taking care of ourselves like we should have been. Some people can handle processed foods and fats and never have gall stones. Our bodies just can’t deal with it. oh, and detox whenever possible. that helps our liver from working overtime. good luck. 😀 😀 😀 😀