“Hope this helps!!!

I had my ‘GB’ removed 4-weeks-ago in Varna, Bulgaria. The surgeons, doctors and nurses were all highly-professional, and did a great job. With the help-of my Bulgarian translator, I was given strict after-care instructions, which I ‘must’ follow for the next 3-MONTHS. I also have to report-back to my surgeon next Monday for a follow-up-check-up! … My instructions include the following. In any 24 hours I must limit time-on-my-feet to 2-hours. When ‘active/up’ I must wear tight-fitting underpants. (for ‘support’). I cannot ‘lift’ any weight ‘over’ 5 kilos (think about ‘that’ IF you INTEND-TO-FLY) … … DIET; FIRST, for the following 10-days after surgery I had a simple regime of tablets to take when ‘eating’ … Simultaneously I was instructed as-follows; No fatty-foods, No YOLK-of-egg, NO coffee, No ‘fried-foods’, No sweets, No cakes, No ‘cold’-drinks, No chocolate, No BIG-meals … … I’m ‘advised-to’, eat a-‘little’-often, I can drink, ‘weak’-tea, and fruit-juices, plus lots-of fruit and vegetables … ‘AFTER-EFFECTS’ I have ‘some’ GAS, but not enough to distress-me, and I ‘have’ a small (expected) diminishing ‘pain’, NOTHING-ELSE … … IF you have been on a waiting-list for ‘months’ or, are not-satisfied with a truculent/unhelpful GP, hospital or specialist, and want your problem solved pretty damn quick !!! come to Varna, and get it sorted ‘here’ – I hugely recommend it. -BUT ‘if’ you have your EU health cert’docs (!) You ‘will’ have to ‘pay-something’, but relative to costs ‘in’ the UK, it’s very-little, so over-to-you … … … Hope this might have helped!!!”