Just came across this site and felt compelled to write. Had my gallbladder out in 1992 after the birth of my third child. Had severe gall bladder problems with all 3 pregnancies but was told by my ob that it was my “uterus stretching”. Anyway, about 4 years ago started having gallbladder symptoms again off/on , could be months in between attacks. Finally decided had enough, saw my internist and she ordered a CT scan. By the way, when I had it removed I had it done laproscopically and was told that the duct was too short and couldn’t be removed but they were sure it would cause no problems. HA! The CT showed a duct full of stones and it severely dilated. After reading all these messages I know I am Not crazy and I am thinking this may be a reason that the past few years I have put on 30 lbs when I eat much more consciously and exercise regularly and when I do cut back even more my weight does not budge. Seeing an surgeon next week to find out my options. Thanks for letting me vent