I had surgery to remove my gallbladder along with a procedure to relive GERD(can’t remember what the procedure is called some kinda “fundus wrap’)this was all done laproscopicaly(sp)-this was 6 years ago…yes folks 6 long years ago.I have had maybe 10 solid bowel movements since.gross huh?Inconvient and painful is what it is.I am now doing some research of my own about what the issues are currently..Trying to be prepared so to speak before I seek medical advice from a dr.Here’s whats going on -daily.I now get acid reflux again that did stay away for about 5 yrs. but it has graced me with it’s presence again.I stay bloated.My insides still make extremly loud noises after I eat. Starting in the upper left. My entire abdomen area “burns”regularly. I have persistant pain in my upper right side in the exact area where the pain was before gallbladder removal(I wonder if they really took it out)This pain is also firey and can only be located by touch on the outside in a very isolated spot .This pain is always present,sometimes dull other times horrid.I have never had gas prior to surgery as I have post.Its like painful,has to be pushed out and is explosive(no more silent ones)Bowel movements are the same..explosive and watery(foul smell).Burps are also pretty foul(sound &smell)..I feel them come up, and they can be heard rising.Also,I have a pain that starts mid stomach,this pain is sooo bad I grab the phone and dial 911 so i can hit send if I stop breathing.This pain will seem like it goes right through me to the exact place in my back,and produces extreme nausia which goes into extreme heaving..I rarely throw anything up,but the gagging leaves me dizzy and gasping for air cause its so much longer than a normal gag and it increasing the pain.Then it seems to peak out,and die dwn.Unless the 1st bout of gagging was intense enough, it will occur again. Theres no certain time or place for this.Its happened on the way to work and it has woke me from sleep at 2am.I also have pain during intercourse,it last up to a week following intercourse.My husband has no idea all that I hide..it is embarassing.Especially when you don’t know whats wrong or what to do.I was giving some kinda powder to take 6 mos. after surgery to slow dwn the speed of bowel movements after eating.I was back in the hospital 30dys after surgery for the pain I was describing that starts in my abdomen,it sometimes radiates to my right shoulder and my neck.I have somehow adjusted to these episodes, or excepted that the people treating me can’t fix it, or identify it.I am very concerned.I have had 2 family members that had clostomy’s and an aunt who’s had parts of her intestines removed. I am scared.My symptoms of whatever my problem is have progressivly gotten worse.I am 37, and feel like I am falling apart. I have hotflashes too,if I cough,it hurts in my abdomen as well as sneeze.I see little glittery spots in my perifial if I cough, sneeze, turn my head too fast.So if there’s ANYONE out there who can identifiy or has a clue what I am going through. I would love some feedback. I have no insurance, so I have to make sure I pick the right DR to see, so I don’t get the run around.Any advice on the type of Dr I should consult with is also welcomed. Sorry to take so much space.I just don’t feel I can get true feedback without giving all the details and symptoms. To all those who suffer…I feel your pain, embarassment and frustration. Thanks.