I was slightly depressed reading these postings. I had a gallbladder attack May 17, 2005, and then had my gallbladder removed May 25, 2005. Afterward I had pancreatitis, gastritis, and then H. pylori. I went back to work for a couple weeks, but now I am now on short-term disability because of chronic pain in my high abdomen, under my ribs, especially the right side, that radiates to my back. It is there all the time! Pain killers dull the pain, but it never completely goes away. It is much worse when I am sitting up than when I am lying down or standing up. Unfortunately, I have a desk job! I have had an EGD, flexible sigmoidoscopy, CT with contrast, cortrosyn stimulation test, tons of blood work, and most recently an MRI and MRCP. All were negative, except I have not received the results from the MRI/MRCP yet, but the physicians are sure it will be negative. I have also been passed around from doctor to doctor, and I am so frustrated! I was hoping I would find a posting from someone saying that this went away after a little while. Anyone? I need to get back to work and back to my regular life! I am a single mom, a full-time employee, and a half-time student. I need to feel better than this to be able to function!! Should I resign myself to the fact that I am never going to feel much better than this? I hope someone out there posts a big old “NO” to this question! Any advice would help. Thanks!