“Hey there,I’ve had this really bad pain under my right rib cage for a while, probably 5 years. I’ve gone to the doctor and he told me that it could be my gallbladder. Well, after they’ve tested me, they said that it doesn’t function as it should anymore, but they didn’t find any stones.
The doctor told me to have it removed. But I didn’t do that until I’ve had the same attack last August again. But this time I’ve had it so bad that I couldn’t eat for several months right anymore. All I ate was oatmeal and light meals. It was misserable.I’ve felt like my food was constantly stuck in my throat. I got almost every single night for months this really bad pain in my right shoulder plate and the pain ran from my shoulder plate under my right rip cage. I constantly thought it was heartburn. I’ve had so bad pain that I cried and couldn’t sleep. The doctor told me that I had to have my gallbladder removed, that this was the reason. To make the story short, I got my gallbladder removed last November. BIG MISTAKE!!! I wish I could have it back!!! Since ever then it has gotten worse. I have still those really bad attacks. The pain always starts in my right shoulder blade and then it connects with the pain under the right rib cage. It feels like stabbing unbearable pain. It also feels like it is burning in there. That’s why I thought it was heartburn. But I am not sure about that anymore, since the pain is so strong. I am on acid medication since last August, which has been 10 months now. Nothing helps. I have a weird feeling in my throat, like something is stuck. It got worse after my surgery. A really weird feeling appeared in my throat, like a feeling that there is a hook on my inside gallbladder scar that is hooked up with my throat and it pulls down. it sounds weird, but that is the only way how to discribe it. I am in deep pain when the attack with the shoulder pain and rip cage pain are present. Which are right now there too. I’ve had to get up from sleep again because I can’t lay when this happens, to much pain. I am only 27 years old and I am so scared that I will have to live the rest of my life with this now. The cronic (chronic) pain is there during the day, but the attacks happen ever now and then.
I need help but the doctors are without results. I have had so many things done. They looked down my throat, into my stomach, they’ve done an colonoscopy and all kinds of other things, they couldn’t find anything! Is there any doctor who has any Idea what this could be?? I NEED HELP! I am so depressed with this and frustrated. I want my life back as it was. HAPPY AND HEALTY! I have trouble being active in sports or walking! My life has changed because I am constantly in pain.
I would appreciate help.
Thanks! ”