Malex & others, If you are contemplating having your GallBladder removed. Please don’t! Go,to a person who specializes in getting your GallBladder healthy again(Nutritionist,etc.) i had mine out 5 years ago. And,have pain,under my right breast(that is,so intense.) Reflux(Gerd), diareaha,constipation,nauseau,food allergies that i never had,before. I have to take Prilosec. And,i have another pilll for pain. ~ I read hundreds,of Blogs from people who have the same problem after having the GallBladder removed. It plays such an important role in digestion,of food. Without it! You may suffer the rest,of your life. I didn’t have a choice! Mine was,so big it had,to be removed immediately or I could have died.~ Google in Pain,under right breast,after gallBladder removed! You’ll be shocked at how many people have this plus numerous other ailments,after their Gallbladder is removed! ~Educate your self,if you can’t afford a Nutritionist. With,a computer you can do anything. Good Luck to Anyone with GallBladder Disease.~Suzanne D~