“I went to my doctor yesterday and laid it all on the table to her yesterday. I have an appointment set up with John Hopkins but I will cancel because I don’t want to ruin my whole summer with testing. So I showed her names of pain killers that people use and she kept saying ERCP is a choice and it is up to you but it is risky. I will try the pain killers to see if they work. I heard some people get an ERCP and it doesn’t work and some end up with worse pain. Right now I just get pain after I eat- like it starts with gas and then pain in upper right side. So you just don’t want to eat but you are so hungry. Sometimes when I eat I may not get any pain – I have no idea what foods trigger it. So I take prilosac plus prescription zantac for the heartburn. I am so tired sometimes – I don’t feel like doing anything. I have cried many of times like you have. I was boo hoing to everyone last week saying “”my life is over””

I never have to go to the hospital but my worst fear is that this condition will get worse for me. They took my blood today and I pray it comes back normal. I do have a fatty liver and trying to get rid of it.

All I want to do is feel good but I gave up. I drag myself everyday. I am dead inside – sorry to feel so gloomy but I was a healthy vibrant person before all this happened and now i feel wounded. I get easily irritated with no patience what so ever.

Sorry your going through all of this. I have created this attitude now where I just don’t care anymore and I am tired of thinking about it. If I die I die.

Does it get worse if you have a headache? mine also gets worse when my menstrual cycle starts. I also notice it gets quiet when I have a real serious problem like another family is sick or some other emergency. That is why I thought it was a anxiety issue because why does it quit like that??? It will disappear for two months and then come back all of the sudden and stay with me for two weeks and go away – this is so weirdddddd!

I do notice when I start to feel good and I go back and drink decaf coffee it will get irritated. If I walk in a mall for a long period of time I get the pain like a back pain in the upper right rib area. It can be relieved if I sit down. What is that???”