“i had a lap chole oct 97 at age 25. very healthy male.

pains continued several months later. i’ve had several doctors since then. The latest explanation are stones that originate elsewhere and are stopping in tubes that connect my liver and stomach (forgive me for not knowing the techincal terms). Doctor performed rocedure where he sent a tube down throat into stomach, found the hole, found stones, removed stones, made hole larger. He told me this may have to be done again in the future. I’ve also been on a drug called actigall which supposedly breaks down stones aking them easier to “”pass”” or go wherever they need to go. Certainly possible that my gall bladder did not need to be removed…


Also, when stones cause blockage, it’s not clear to me what exactly happens. An “”attack”” for me is a pain originating in the upper right quadrant of my stomach and then spreading across chest — exactly where the liver is — hence an attack on the liver. It is always accompanied by pains in my lower back which i always thought were muscle pains, but my doctor said it is most likely my pancreas yelling about something. When i have an “”attack”” i can take pain killers but vicodin or percocet doesn’t always make everything etter. As silly as it sounds, the best thing for me is drinking some form of simple sugars — gatorade for example. i think the sugars help the liver deal with the attack and makes the pain go away for me — of course this does nothing for the stones wherever they are…
When i have repeated attacks then i get really sick for several days and try to eat as little as possible.

My attacks only happen about once very 4 months or so. “