I have had my gallbladder removed 2001 And the doc cut my dill duck in hafe twice, But it was repaired. Now the pain is back! I have had all kinds of test like upper gi and blood done but they never looked to see if i may have stones in my duck that should have been the frist test. I had to ask to have it done I have been to the ER and told I must have heart burn PLEASE! come on docs are smart I thought! My pain is on my right side of my back and gos though to the frount of between my ribs. Stapping and sqweezzing chest and back pain that comes stronger once or twice a min and last for hours just like a gallbladder attact. I had this back pain on my right side since I was in 8th grade a pinching feeling just under my shoulder blad that gets much worse with a attact. After I had my gallbladder out the back pain that I had almost once a day for years was gone, But now its all back. Well wish me luck I have a ultrasound this th-day i hope it end here .