I had my gallbladder taken out 6 years ago, 5 weeks after the birth of my second baby. Nurses in the E.R. told me it is common to have gallbladder flair-ups after giving birth. Well the sergery was uneventfull. but the air-absorbtion ranked up there with labor pains. Ever since I feel like I have christened every restroom up and down the eastern seaboard!!! I have had times when my stomach was “normal” and then it starts back up again. I’m sick and tired of pooping my brains out! It’s physically exausting.Not to sound gross but most stools do have a bile-like coloration. The Dr that did my sergery did say that without a gallbladder, your body had excess bile. If I get side tracked and skip a meal then I might as well forget it. Sometimes the urge is so painful and swift It’s all I can do to keep from having an accident.I can hear and feel the liquid rolling thru my lower stomach.Stress (in my case a divorce) made me very ill. I know if there is stress you can find me in the John. I am recenty doing research on INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE, SHORT BOWEL SYNDROME, CHROHN’S AND COLITIS. Each have similar but different symptoms. Do your own research before going to the Dr. This is not in our heads!!Sometimes we have to tell them what to do!!!!!!