“To all posters:
I had my Gallbladder removed in Oct after about 20 years of putting up with minor attacks, I ended up having polyps in mine, I am a 42 yr old woman, apparently this is a problem that most 70 yr old men have. Upon removal, I apparently had quite a bit of scar tissue around my bladder making it difficult to remove etc. Now 5 months later, I basically still feel that I have a “”ghost gall bladder””, I have pain in that upper right quadrant, pain in my back, gas, sometimes I puff up like I am pregnant after a meal, I am never lucky enough to get just get hit with a bout of diahrea after a meal, that would feel like a blessing to me. I still struggle with bm’s. I take my fiber daily. In fact, I have had to add Acidophopholus to my diet because with out it, I have a leakage that causes an anal burning along with gas that makes me feel like a “”frat boy””. Also, without it, my bm’s can cause me to burn for an hour or two afterwards. My doctor says it can take a year or so after my surgery for my body to get back to normal, but after reading all this, I am starting to wonder if this is going to be true. I not only have pain in my upper right quad, but my lower right quad near my ovary, my appendix has been gone since I was 18, but I do have an ache. My Doctor basically says I need to learn to live with my pain.”