I had my GB removed in April of this yr (2011). I work in the hospital as an x-ray/ct tech and am constantly asking the doctors are my symptoms normal. No one seems to think a constant, random onset of diarrhea is normal. My stomach is constantly churning and at any giving time I have less then five minutes to get to the nearest restroom. This is a major problem for me being as a have an issue using public restrooms. I dare not go more then 10 min from my house unless it is to work and even then I am praying throughout the day that the Lord has mercy and allow my stomach to stay settled until I get home. I too have pain in my right side and back but also tightening in my chest. At every chance I get I ask other patients who have undergone GB removal what their symptoms are. Most often then not… a normal life was managed. This leaves me to believe something is going on. I am getting a CT scan to be on the safe side. Life is miserable but I remain thankful!