I too had gallgladder surgery Sept. 2 due to having vomiting, pain upon eating, and bowel fluctuations. From July to Sept. I lost 21lbs. I am very small,5’2″, and typically weigh about 120. My entire life, I have had reflux and stomach problems, but nothing like this. Everything I ate made my stomach hurt under my right rib, in the middle and to my back. Then the naseau would hit, somtimes vomiting, and finally bloating and gas, with bowels going from one extreme to the other. I had the ultrasound and then the Hida Scan, which showed only 27% function. So the Dr. thought that this would remedy the problem. I felt “better” for about 3 days, now the pain is back, along with the nausea. Only the pain under my rib is HORRIBLE! I stay on the pain meds! Will this get better, my surgeon says it is normal—-FOR Whom? My family seems to think that I just want to be sick-ha-I used to think it was all in peoples heads–when they could’nt eat–NOT NOW! I loved to eat, enjoyed life–but the past few months have been hell! I don’t know how people have lived years like this. I don’t think I can. Any HOPE?