I am a very frustrated 28 yr old female. I originally went to the doctor almost 2 yrs ago due to excruciating painful attacks, usually after fatty meals and/or alcohol. These attacks were so painful they would cause me to haunch over, hyperventilate and would be at there worst pain just below the breastbone, over to the right. Then the pain would generate into my back, up to my sholders and sometimes down my arms. I would usually have someone take me to the ER. After a ultrasound, the doctors found about 7-8 stones in my gallbladder & I had it removed about 1 1/2 yrs ago. About 3-4 weeks after surgery, I had another attack. Very much like the gallbladder attacks I had before surgery. I am still having them periodically as of today. Just had another on 1/7. Again, precipitated by fatty foods and/or alcohol. In addition, stomach is usally tender & sore.I have had ultrasounds, bloodwork, 2 endoscopies. Test show no signs of gallstones in the ducts. Endoscopies did show that I developed bile gastritis. I was treated w/ sucralfate and Prilosec about a year ago. Months after meds stopped, developed burning pain (almost constant, sometimes worse when hungry) in the pit of stomach below the breastbone. No mention of uclers from doctors and there were no signs during prior endoscopies. Doc now says have acid reflux, although haven’t had chestpains or heartburn a day in my life. Doc says LES valve is not closing/relaxed, but nothing comes up my throat. Am now back on sucralfate and prevacid. It’s been a pretty painful process since my gallbladder was removed. Not only am I still have attacks, which is why the gallbladder was removed in the 1st place, but because it’s gone, the bile that trickles has caused bile gastritis. I was pretty much told that bile gastritis can be treated, but not cured & I will take meds for the rest of my life. How will this affect me when I choose to get pregnant? Why am I still having gallstone attacks w/ no gallbladder? What is the constant burning in the pit? Life on a daily basis consist of pain & discomfort. Some days better than others. What else can I do? All these diagnoses & meds, yet the burning & attacks still exist??? Thank you for your time.