“Hey all i just read all the posts and i have to say i have the same problem i am now on Cholestyramine four times a day and i still have my bad days. i had my gallbladder removed over 7 years ago and got really really sick last year and i was in and out of the hosptial and surgeries every couple of days to find out why i was in pain. The only way to explain the pain is its like the stomach acids are burning my intestines.

The pain is unbearable and i have to go to the washroom just as much. And on a good days because i take it four times a day its just as hard. because i am still going to the washroom just as much. But i am getting to the point i can’t handle this anymore. I also have a question.

Does anyone else with the similar problem find it interferes with full time work? I work full time and i have to take days off left and right because of it. And the worse days EVEN on the cholestryramine is a day in the bathroom… Its very frustrating.”