I had mine 10 years ago and my life is a total nightmare .I did have IBS before and they thought it was flaring when in reality it was my gall bladder infected and burst . Of course I eat nothing at this point . I am 50 and wear a sz 7 hollister jean . it hurts to eat or drink anything so I dont . profound constipation after some years of diarreah . Now if i am in public and i have a cold drink its instant diarreah . Pain in the classic area upper left back and up to shoulder .NO SODA .Bloat, shortness of breath . I cannot go out to eat because if i do I cant breathe and i bloat . Its a mess.. Its funny you mentioned it but I cant have raw veggies either at all . I pretty much exist on ensure clear or boost breeze ( juice based ) and cup o soup . I cant even drink water to thirst or Ill bloat and get short of breath .