“i had my gallbladder out on oct 16 and i continue to have pain and attacks like when i had my gallbladder in, as well as diahrrea almost every day no matter what i eat. im also having trouble sleeping, feel lethargic & tired even after sleeping 10 to 11 hours & now im depressed.

just today i found an article on this health site http://www.makemeheal.com about postgallbladder surgery/stones and liver conjestion and i have all the symptoms of liver conjestion which is caused when the gallbladder is removed and bile stagnates into the liver, thus causing diahrrea or constipation in some people, sleep disturbances between 1 and 3 am, which i wake up all the time, and lead to depression. it gives liquid herbal remedies you can buy at their site. i know they work because when i was having myh gallbladder attacks i did the flush and used the remedies & i stopped having the attacks.

however, my doctor sent me for the decid-a-scan and when they injected me with the fat solution i had such a violent attack, i had to have immediate surgery. i think im worse off now. i wish i stuck to the chinese herbal. the 4 pack is $98 but it is so worth it because it heals your inside but it tastes disgusting. but you have to stay away from sugar, white flour, fried foods, transfats, and the list of other stuff it shows including cold drinks & foods. but its better than the pain.

but for all those who tell you that after surgery you can eat whatever you want, that a crock of bull.”