hi all 3 years ago i had keyhole surgery for removel of gall bladder, discharged within 24 hours. felt o k for a few days then felt nauseas and no appetite on 4th day post op woke up at 6am with horendous abdominal pain enough to dial 999 , admitted to hospital where initially diagnosed with constipation treated for same with 6 enemas and numerous medication for same. unable to bend at all spent 4 days in a chair with a drip oxygen and a urinary catheter plus a naso gastric tube, pleading for analgesia , some ultrasound and a few xrays., eventually taken to theatre where 500 ml of bile found in abdominal cavity , woke up 4 days later in high dependency unit. common bile duct had been damaged at surgery. developed jaundiced referred to a specialist unit had surgery to repair common bile duct, life now totally changed , weight loss indigestion poor quality of life contracted MRSA on two occassions in two different hospitals worked in the health service for 30 years , now require more surgery for ? adhesions but very reluctant to further intervention.