I am a 29 year old mother of three and I just had my GB removed as well. I started having back pain over a year ago and had MRI’s and Xrays done that all came out perfect. No doctor would believe me so I just dealt with the pain until I found one who believed me and started pain meds and physical therapy. Then, about 5 months ago I started getting chest pains that mostly occured when I had back pain. I thought I was having a heart attack or at least it felt like it. It could last anywhere from 20 minutes to 13 HOURS of excruciating pain. My doc did an EKG and an ECG which both came out fine. Then about a month and a half ago I got horribly sick. I got an attack that didn’t go away, it was going on 24 hours when I started throwing up nonstop. I got rushed to the hospital with sever acute pancreatitis. I was NPO for 6 days, got clear liquids for one, and developed severe pancreatitis again, only worse. I literally almost died, they had to put an NG tube in me and pump my stomach for a day and a half because gallstones apparently were blocking my bile duct (or this is what they said they thought caused it) and I have never been so sick in my life. I guess all the bile was in my stomach literally poisoning me and my liver. The doc said my numbers for liver enzymes and amylase and lipase (pancreas) were the worst he ever saw. I was NPO for another 12 days and then I finally had my surgery. I thought it was finally over and was SO ready to move on with my life. Reading all of your posts is pretty scary to me because I just know I am going through the same thing and I just had my gall bladder removed on 9/23/09, about 2 weeks ago! I had my first attack a few days later and attributed it to “trapped air” from the surgery since they pump air into you during the operation sometimes these symptoms can occur. Only it has been two weeks now and last night I had the worst attack EVER. I woke up with back pain and in my right side. Then the chest pains starting and they have never been so bad. I felt sick to my stomach and I cried harder than ever before. I didn’t think it could be worse than it used to be but now I know it CAN. It subsided after about 30 minutes but the pain was so horrific it felt like an eternity. All I could do was cry and curl up and pray for it to go away. I am terrified that there is more wrong with me. I don’t think that this episode was trapped air two weeks later, it doesn’t make sense. All I know is that I go to bed scared every night that I will wake up in this pain (it occurs mostly at night). I have already been through so much, they took my appendix in April thinking that was the problem. I guess it was a tiny bit infected but even they said after they took it that it wasn’t causing the huge amount of pain I was in that day. I just spent almost a month in the hospital away from my three small kids and went through an ERCP, a HORRIFFIC NG tube (just hope it never comes to that they are the worst thing ever), and had my GB removed. I have literally developed a phobia of needles because my veins are bad and they were changing my IV twice a day due to losing it, they even had to stick one in my toe because I ran out of places. I woke up during the ERCP when they were taking the thing out of my stomach and it was awful. I am terrified of having more of that done but fear I have no choice. And last but not least, I am so afraid of the pain. It feels good to talk to people who know because anyone else would not understand and considering me whiny or weak. I have always been strong and dealt with my pain as best I could but after a year of pain I can’t take it anymore. I just want to curl up and die sometimes when it is really bad, and now I am afraid it’s going to get worse after having my GB out! Please let me know if anyone has actually found out of a post GB surgery condition and was successfully treated for it……I could really use some hope right now. Good luck all.