I have GERD problems as well, the doctors in my town couldn’t figure it out. I had a HIDA scan test and my gall bladder was not working. There’s the problem! My gall bladder was removed with no difference, I still have a major GERD. I went to the MAYO clinic in Scottsdale they did and EGD and found Barrets in my esophagus so presently I am in the processs of having that repaired. I am going next week for another EGD and hopefully the Barrets is gone. Then they are going to schedule me for a 270′ Nissen. I hope that works better than the gall bladder diagnosis. I am tired of living like this, so I am ready for anything. A good friend of mine that I have known for 30 years had a Nissen about 8 years ago, said it was the best thing he ever did. He said the first 2 weeks was the roughest after that it just got better.