Thank goodness I found this site, I had my Gall Bladder removed 2 years ago. In this time I have put on 2 stones mostly round my middle and stomach. I have always been slim as I exercise every day, but now I feel dumpy. 6 months after the operation I had terrible pain on the right, I started being sick, this lasted from December until August, I was frightened and wondered what was happening to me. Eventually I read an article on taking charcoal to help with digestive problems, it soaks up the acid and gets rid of the wind. It worked the pain went, thank goodness but I still get the bloats and have the runs, some days worse than others, and like the lady said how do you put on weight when the food is running through you? I was always very fit, I have a big dog which needs walking twice a day and I do Pilates every 2nd day. Now I feel dejected as excercise doesn’t seem to help. I watch what I eat even doing a diary to find out if its any food that makes a difference. No that didn’t help. It helps to know I am not the only one, but it has changed my life, I dare not go out of the door until I am empty, I feel sick if I do not eat often, I cannot eat a good meal, just small amounts. As was said why are you not warned that this will happen to you and what to take for it or how to help with the discomfort. Has anyone out there found help?Code: