“Thank God! I can’t believe what I’ve been reading. And I thought I was going crazy! So many of you seem to have the same experiences that I have had. The most frequent is trying to relate your symptoms and problems to “”medical professionals”” only to be told they have no idea what you’re talking about and that they have never heard about what your going through.
Unfortunately, I have had stomach problems for quite some time since my early 20’s. Mostly irritable bowel, gas and so on. A few years ago I started experiencing unbelievable heartburn,acid indigestion(I know what they mean by “”sulpher””) and stomach pains. It would go on for days and sometimes cause chest pain and trouble breathing. Everything I ate would result in a mad dash or terrible pain. I went to my Doctor and after a couple of times with the same complaints he sent me for tests. Nothing showed up of course until he sent me for the xray procedure for the gall bladder. As soon as they injected the fat dye into the IV things started happenning. The vibe in the whole room changed and the nurses and technicians whom I had been having a pleasant conversation with started saying gall bladder surgery wasn’t that bad. So I arranged with a recommended surgeon to have my gall bladder removed with the hope all this would get under control. The surgery went well and for about a week I started feeling much better but then I started feeling even worse. So lots of tests, consults and medication and things are still shaky. In fact I had so much chest pain recently I ended up getting an ekg (nothing wrong) cause I thought I was having a MI. Since my surgery I have been diagnosed with GERD, Ulcers in the Duodneum, Gastritis and hiatial hernia. I have also been told I have to live with this for the rest of my life… So any advice is welcome.