“Love the health care professionals who say no problem. Take their gallbladders out, let them see what it is like. It gets frustrating being lied to by so many people.
Many times I have wanted mine back. It has been about seven years for me and if there is one thing I could change in my life, it would be the decision to have my gall bladder removed.
My intestines have been a mess most of this time. I have experienced health issues I never could have imagined including constant diarrhea, weight gain, shortness of breath, acid reflux, constant nausea and asthma etc.
For the most part I eat to live and find little joy out of eating anything other than pizza. I love the foods that bind. Anything that is tree hugger healthy is a no no for me.
Puritis – down right embarrassing and highly uncomfortable. Of all things hemorrhoids and then I took this stuff called Colisted. Took care of the diarrhea but paralyzed my intestine thus the hemorrhoids. Also gained 30 pounds using this garbage.
I believe Docs know exactly what happens, but it is an easy, relatively low risk and well paying procedure. Does not take a lot of OR time and you know mortgage payments, Mercedes leases and tuition bills are all increasing.
I have lost an incredible amount of respect for the medical profession as a result of my experience. I go to the Doc far less often than I ever did before. Very few I trust. You have to realize all Docs started off as barbers back-in-the-day.
Anyone considering this surgery I would strongly suggest exhausting all alternative forms of treatment prior to literally going under the knife. Do what you can to keep it. It really is there for a reason as many of us have found out. ”