It’s nice to know there are others who can relate.Here’s my story.Since having my gallbladder removed i can’t eat anything with even the smallest amount of fat in it.When I do,you know the rest.I have also experienced pains where the gallbladder used to be,though not often.I also have constipation problems more than I ever did before.I’m living on bagels,pasta and salad,though raw vegetables fly through my system these days(another new development).I’m thinking about cutting out the quantity of carbs and sugar (same thing I know) as folks on this site are saying cutting out sugar has given them some relief.I will say that I am glad I had the old GB removed.The trouble it caused were immense.I do wish,however,that some trained professional would have at least warned me about all this.what do you think of my idea about cutting the carbs out? If anyone has a chance,let me know.Thanks and good luck y’all!