“I had my gallbladder removed on 7/8/99. The doctor told me that it was the second attack and that they are going to take it out. She told me she was the best there is. So I had it removed. I was in alot of pain after the surgery and they did not send me home like they where supposed to do. I stayed the night and went home the next day. Two days after the surgery, I was changing my clothes and noticed that my side had turned black bruised. I was very upset after seeing this. The next day my hip got a big black circle (bruise) on it. When I went to the doctor and asked her about this, she said that sometimes this happens. Is this true. After about 4 months after the surgery, my stomach had pain in it everytime I got hungry. I had to get something to eat or I felt like I would vomit. It was a horrible feeling. I went to a gastroligist and he went down to view my stomach with a scope and said I had acid reflux and barretts esophigus. I had to change my diet and take previcid. He then sent me for blood work because I also have a pain where my liver is located. The bloodwork came back with high levels for the liver and also my triglycerides came back at 264 and then he sent me for a C/T scan. The scan showed I have a fatty infiltration of the liver. Also, it showed a 1-2 mm lung nodule in the right middle lobe. After that he ordered a chest e-ray and that came back and said no active disease is seen in the chest. I still have the pain in my liver and my doctor said he wants to see me back in his office in 3 months. My questions are: 1) Is a fatty liver reversable and if so what can I do to reverse it?
2) Should I have pain where by liver is?
3) Should I still have pain after 8 months in my right side where all the bruising was.
4)Should I except that my e-ray on the chest came back normal when the C/T scan (a more detailed test) showed a 1-2 mm nodule. “