“I had my lap chole at the beginning on March… and I am STILL having issues. I was hospitalized for a week post-op unable to keep anything down; and in constant pain.. I was miserable. my surgeon told me I’d feel SO much better after my surgery… he was wrong.. if I could dig my gallbladder out from the trash and put it back in I would!!!! I have had test, after test after test… and everything has come back ‘normal’ from gastric emptying, EGD, abd ultrasound, HIDA scan, MRCP, and blood work, and everything is normal except some elivated LFTs & blie in my stomach…..

I have CONSTANT nausea daily and some vomiting, EVERYTHING I eat gives me diarrhea.. sometimes constipation but rare (and im eating a very bland diet due to the severe nausea & meds i’m on…) … pain in my upper chest, and abd and it’s just getting old …. anyone else having these issues…surgically i’m well… GI doctors say you’re a mystery & have NO idea what’s wrong & think your a head case…. what the heck???? Anyone else having these issues.. Please give me your insight!!”