I to suffer from RUQ pain. I was hospitalized for back and abdominal pain 6 weeks ago and the docs said i had a blockage after doing ultrasounds, and abdominal xrays. Then after discussing with the about a previous kidney stone they sent me for catscans and changed my diagnosis as they found a kidney stone stuck in the ureter. However in the hospital after having the kidney stone taken care of I continued with severe pain. I explained to the docs and nurses that when I ate something was triggered. I immediately build up with gas under my rib cages and all around the front abdomin (abdomen) making me look 9 months pregnant. The pain radiates thru my back and to my spine. The pain gets so intense that it causes me to become nauseated and even vomit. The pain could not be controlled by any pain meds starting from morphine, to dilauted etc…Im not sure what to do anymore. I can be in a dead sleep and woken instantly by the burning and bloating pain. I do know the pain gets more severe if i lay down. I asked the docs for carafate thinking maybe i have an ulcer. I have been treating myself with the carafate and nothing has changed. Ive been back to the doctors and now they want to put me on prevacid. My problems only get worse because now i am pregnant so testing is limited. My biggest fears are small bowel obstruction as my uterus grows and pushes on the organs. My previous pregnancy i developed an internal hernia causing severe intestinal damage for me.. Where do i go from here?