“Hello everyone! I was actually looking for information about medications/supplements and their interactions if I do not have a gallbladder, which I don’t. I didn’t find what I was looking for but……………..I found it strange that almost everyone here has acid reflux / GERD after having their gallbladder out. What is up with that? I had never had any problems with reflux until after my gallbladder was taken out. All of a sudden I started having pain in my neck that went down into my left arm and I had chest pain and trouble breathing. I went to the doctor because I have a problem with my mitral valve and after a stress test and a huge hospital bill they said I “”must”” have acid reflux. I tried prilosec which did not work and then they put me on Prevacid. Prevacid works marvelous!!! All my symptoms gone!! However, now I am not taking it because it is extremly expensive and I have a huge deductible because of the new year. Anyway…..long story short, my mom recommended calcium with magnesium and wow that made me way sick. Anyone know if I should take magnesium without a gallbladder or where I can find information regarding this?
Sorry for the long note but I was just so surprised to see that so many people have the same problems.
Don’t get me wrong, having my gallbladder out was one of the best things that I could have done. Much better than the pain I was having from it. And, mine was just “”not working”” right like any of you. No stones.
Good to talk to you all!
God Bless.”