“When you have problems after having your gall bladder removed–be it diarrhea or acid reflux–it’s called post-cholesectomy syndrome. Basically post-gall bladder removal syndrome. It’s not the same as IBS, because IBS has no known causes; if you have GI problems and you have no gall bladder, well, that’s a known cause.

I’ve been taking Welchol for about 5 years to deal with my bile diarrhea. It works really well, although I still have to be careful with my diet on a few points. I ran out of Welchol back in December and I’m unemployed and have no insurance, so I’ve been avoiding paying the doctor half a week’s unemployment wages for nothing more than a prescription, but I have not had any luck whatsoever controlling my D with diet or calcium either one. I’ve got enough money now I can afford to go to her (I have to get my prescription renewed because we’re going to a week-long campout in a couple of weeks and I can’t hope to make it 8 hours in the car one way, or teach classes or do anything else I want to do when I’m having diarrhea 3 or 4 times a day; even when I have a rare, normal bowel movement, it’s still full of bile and burns.)”