I had my gallbladder out in Nov. 2005. Mine was removed due to stones and it was enlarged and infected. Thankfully i have not had pain since the removal. Since they removed mine i have had constant watery stools. The stools are so loose they are like water, explosive and the stench is awful.. i may have this all day, every day. I also have IBS on top of this but the loose stools are driving me crazy. I am almost afraid to go out in public because the fear of “sharting”. I have little warning just a pressure then it is almost instantaneous. I have tried fiber (re-live product)helped for quite a while but had to quit taking it for now. I tried other fiber such as citracil to see if i could regulate it or to give the stools some bulk. Does anyone else have this problem and have you found solutions? i can look skinny one day then look six months pregnate the next which i am assuming is gas.? Do you all have these problems along with your removal