Hello everyone,I do feel for everyone having these problems.I had my gall bladder removed about 10 months ago,and i still have a lot of problems.before and after i was having problems with slight pain but a lot of belching and i would feel like a foot ball game was going on inside.I would feel weak,a little dizzy,and then i would start to spit up a lot of white foam,and i do mean i would do it for about 30 minutes or so then i would start to feel better.Now with the gb out i still have the same thing.It isn’t as bad as before,but i thought having it removed would take care of the problem.I have a hard time going shopping or anything because i never know when i will have an attack..there are times i have to get out of bed and sleep propped up on the couch to ease the gas attack,and it makes you think your gonna have a heart attack.I did have the stress test done.The dr. said my problem wasn’t my heart.I would just like to get back to normal,but i fear that won’t happen..I know how you all feel about no one understanding how you feel..My husband would always tell me it was in my head.That sure would make it easier to take care of..I wish a dr. would find out what causes all these symptoms so we could all have a better life..My daughter and i laughed about me having to go on mystery diagnosis..If they could figure out what is going on i would do it..good luck to you all…may GOD have mercy on us all…[:(]