“I have been in constant pain since having my gall bladder removed on August 28, 2008. It is a sharp, burning fire in my right side. The two specialist (Neurologist & Pain Management) I’ve seen since have said this appears to be a classic case of nerve damage. I have had one nerve block that gave some relief for a couple of days, and have tried Lyrica (which I couldn’t tolerate) and then Cymbalta, which was giving me some horrible side effects at 30 mg a day. I am now trying a low dose of Topamax. I don’t feel like I am being helped, just having a drug tester; and I don’t do well with pharmaceuticals.

I have been taking Meprozine 50/25 mg and Zanaflex 12 mg morning and night just to get through each day. I also use topical Lidocaine ointment on the area around the surgery site. The worst pain is inside my body just under my right ribs. It goes down my abdomen a few inches, almost to the center of my sternum, and around my right side. Soon I don’t think the doctors will prescribe the pain meds for fear of addiction.

I am searching for some treatment or program that can relieve this constant pain that has taken my life away. My day consists of lying in bed, on pillows, trying to get into the least painful position I can. I also can’t take deep breaths or stretch without intensifying the pain. It is a chore to shower or even go to the bathroom.

I believe this is a bigger problem than the medical professional is willing to admit. Please post if you have had this problem after gallbladder surgery.”