I have been struggling with Gerd for over 9 months now. While I can say my symtoms had improved slightly, it had been at a snail’s pace. My frustration stemed from following all of the Gerd rules but to no avail. I had many test to include the Pipda gallbladder test and it showed I had a dysfunctional gallbladder with a ejection rate of 19% (normal rate is 35%). Anyway, I had my gallbladder removed on Tuesday laproscopically. While I was on the operating table, they hadn’t sedated me yet the surgeon talked to me and said I’d benefit from the Nissen procedure and that he’d throw it in if I wanted. I said no because I was scared and really only had 1 or 2 minutes to think about it. I hope I made the right decision but now it seems as if my Gerd has gotten worse and am having regrets. I also know from what I have read that surgery is no walk in the park. My question is this did your Gerd symtoms improve after the gallbladder removal or did they get worse? I know I have to give the gallbladder surgery time. I am taking prescription strength Prilosec twice a day, I took Nexium for months but it didn’t help. I have also decided if I don’t get better by June I will definately go back to the surgeon and have him perform the surgery. I can’t help but feel as if I missed the boat on that one but my Gastro doctor never wanted me to get the Nissen procedure and like I said I didn’t have much time to think about it. The Gastro doc said I was too young and it had too many side effects. I told the surgeon my Gastro doctor didn’t want me to ever get the Nissen procedure and he said “your doctor is old school.” I would really appreciate any input on the subject.