“I had gall bladder surgery after having my second child last September. I ended up back in the ER 3 days after getting out of the hospital with “”fluid on my liver.”” I had the pain alot of you had mentioned. It felt like someone was sitting on my ribs. I could barely breath, especially when I was lying down. I still feel pain similar to this, but not to that degree. I looked on different websites, and I am wondering if my liver was cut. My surgeon was very shady when I asked him about the “”fluid.”” He would just say it’s maybe blood or something. You would think he would know. I have every test you can imagine and they just seen this fluid. I got so frustrated with this surgeon that I went to another to get an opinion, and in our area, they are partners, and so he said it could be the sphinter thing. I truly believe with the pain I am having that he hit my liver. On Webmd it does say that this can be a complication of the lap. surgery. If this could have happened, my liver should regenerate itself, right? Is there any end in sight? What can I do from here? Any tests that woudl be conclusive? If this did happen, will my liver be okay? I still have the diarhea and constipation problems and a lot of abdominal pain. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.