Its unbelievable …….reading all of the above!! My Poor daughter had hers out about 6 weeks ago …and shes only 8 YEARS OLD!! If I had known or was TOLD from the surgeon before hand of all the complications after removal, I would of never have done it!!! she is crippled with NAUSEA every single DAY….and I am sooo unbelievably fustrated at the Surgeon for not giving me information or letting me get a second OPINION…..OR even Trying to TREAT the gallbladder without removal first!!!! All the want do to is MAKE MONEY off you…..I cant express How angry I am…..I wish I could give my little girl my gall bladder (if only If only I said NO…..) and if Only I was given time to make that decision……I pray everyday that she will overcome this NAUSEA and live a normal LIFE….xxx