I had my gall bladder out after many years of pain and misdiagnosis. I have had an irratable bowel for years and could not get rid of it untile 2 months ago. I found a bacillus that cured it 1 week after I started to take it. I was taking psyllium capsuls the whole time and it only helped a little. It is called Latero-Flora (800) 736-1991. I only took it for 3 weeks and only take it occasionally just because I want to. I have a hiatel hernia also all my life and I am so tired of sleeping at an agle and urping a very small meal all the time. I have heard about a new prosedure where they tie 2 pieces of stomach around the esophages. I am concered I will not be able of throw up or parachute jump etc. Any information or a site I could read about it would be appreciated.