Ihad the gallbladder removed, and after nothing but pain, they said was gas. I went home only to get worse, swollen belly, no appettite, and I couldn’t breathe because of the shoulder and pain under the ribcage. Well two days go by and no relief, so back to the er, and they sent me home with more of the same “gas” excuses. Three more days went by and I started to run a high fever and the pain got worse. I see the doctor and he removes my staples and I start oozing what he called serum. I say ok, but then that night I couldn’t stop hurting and I wouldn’t stop oozing, soaking a towel ful. I was extremely sick at that point. They put me back into the hospital for pnuemonia and bandaged my belly. The next day they did that ercp procedure and put a stent in. But still no relief. the next day I had yet another surgery and he pulled out well over a liter of bile out of my abdomen. He also put in a Johnson Pratt drain to continue to keep draining this bile. I spent 2days in icu and 4 days on a regular floor. I feel like a new person. but had I not checked in for my lungs I would have become septic and possilbly died. No one would listen to me about how much pain I was feeling. I came home today still with the Johnson Pratt to empty every two hours until it stops leaking whenever that will be. I may have to have yet more surgery to stop it. If the pain is worse than what they think it should be don’t back down it could mean your life. 😥