I had my Gall Bladder removed about 14 years ago, and it has been a nightmare ever since, I had a lot of pain when eating, something I had never experienced before, as I could eat just about what I liked, but after having Scans and Cameras put down and up they decided it must be my Gall Bladder, there was no stones at all just what they call sludge type gravel, so I had it removed, the next day the Surgeon came and spoke to me and said, Cross your fingers that it was your Gall Bladder, because he did not seem to think that this would have given me so much pain, I am under the Specialist for Stomach problems, and back and forth all the time, I have tried just about everything I can as well as the Doctors help, I have plodded on with some sort of life, I still have to work for my living, if you can call it living, I like most people suffer pain in my right side and back. I have been a Nurses Assistant and know a lot about the Human Body, so I decided to start to try some alternative sollutions to my on and off pain, and I kept a diary on what I was eating, it seemed if I ate anything fatty or spicey, I would get terrible pains and then Diarhea, the pain and inflamation of my Stomach would last for nearly two weeks, all I can say is for me, I cut out all Dairy foods, just recently, with no spices, I dont eat Red meat, I cook a lot of fresh vegetables, Chicken, Fish, and everything that is wholesome, it is a nightmare buying packaged foods from Supermarkets you have to read every label for food ingredients, like two weeks ago I made a Sunday Dinner like I usually do, but I had run out of my Gravy Granules I normally use, I had bough another brand, and used that, then the next day I was in agony with the pain, and two days later had violent diarhea, I am still not very good now, but gradually improving, till the next unknown item flares it all up again, it has been trial and error the last fourteen years, the last time I seen my specialist, she said sometimes when you are having your Gall Bladder removed they can damage the valve or duct in the Liver and may require surgery to put it right, my Bile comes down in one go and it sometimes goes into my Stomach instead of going into my Intestine where it should go, unfortunately as we get older the opening from your Duodenum to the Intestine becomes defective and it does not open and close when it should which can lead to backflow of Acid or Bile into the Stomach, I have had Acid tests done and they have come back nothing wrong, and the Doctors have perscribed Lansoprosol and Omeprozole all these years, and it has been Bile all along which I told them ages ago, as when you are on Acid supressent tablets and you still get the problems, it has to be the Bile that is agravating my Stomach lining, so I am now waiting to see what they are going to do for me after all this time suffering.