I also have the feeling with acid burning up my insides, it goes up my stomach to my throat too. My stools are green like bile and chemical odor (sorry) I still get nausea and have to eat every 2 hours to keep it down. I take cholestryamine also. At times I have pain in the center of my back like the gallbladder attacks. It seems that every 2 or 3 months I go through this for a couple of weeks and then it gets better. My liver enzymes are elevated during these attacks, and I now have a fatty liver. My surgery was also 7 years ago. I don’t work full time anymore. I’m going to start probiotics, activia yogurt and Metamucil fiber wafers. Do you also feel exhausted and weak? I have found that sugar, fats (especially chocolate) trigger the attacks. When I can avoid them altogether I do better. I don’t know what other things are triggers, wish I did so I could stop it!! My friend suggested eliminating dairy. So I’m going to try that. Good luck to you