my surgery was August and I too am wondering the same thing. I get the same thing from my Dr.,,nothing wrong,but you feel like crap….Gee whats next? I don’t know if you found this forum looking for bile leakage symptoms,but I did. Gastritis was one of the symptoms and the other I can’t spell. does anyone know what procedure is done to diagnose leakage? Is there some specific procedure? How do they really know when something is leaking? creepy non the less having some fluid leaking inside,,,,COME ON!!! I better not have bial leaking, what ever I am experiencing with this snapping thing, the falling asleep thing every time I eat anything,,,, I am so tired of feel bad, I want to feel better again so I can go on with my life!! PERIOD! I cannot imagine some of these people in here who have been suffering with post gallbladder stuffs,, wow who are these drs. being allowed to do these operations letting people have leaking bial!!! Why should they be allowed to ever do another procedure ever! They shouldn’t. The numbers of people having this happen are way too many….