I just had my gall bladder removed on 3/24/0http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/ it was completely unexpected surgery. I have never had a surgery before this. I went in to the hospital after a week of chest and back pain that couldnt be dealt with. Then after a few tests my surgery was done that night. Without warning I did not know what this meant for me. The hospital did not even let me recover for up to 24 hrs. before throwing me out. (No Insurance) therefore I am at home in excrutiating pain through out my entire body. Even my teeth hurt. I was only sent home with Vicodin that doesn’t have any affect on me at all!!!!! I am pretty pissed off right now. I am not one to handle this much pain at one time. I thought I was goping to be paralyzed this morning after attempting to move. I cannot believe they sent me home with no information at all and some stinking vicodin. These flipping Dr.’s need to start being held accountable for the way they treat people. If anyone has any information besides stay away from dairy and fried foods I would really appreciate it. I hardly heard anyone metion pain on here at all. Is this sort of pain normal after this type od surgery? Or is it just so expected that no one mentions it? Although I cannot believe that anyone could experience what I’m going through and not mention it. My God!!! I am only praying that I can move one muscle at a time without screaming bloody freaking murder!!!! Someone Please help?????????????????????????