“I had my lap chole done about 2 years ago. Everyone told me the recovery is so quick! HA, it took forever. I had daily pain at the gallbladder site for almost a year after they removed it. Still two years later, I get what I call my fake gall bladder attacks. About once a month or so, I get that stabbing pain on right under ribs that just takes my breath away, and there is an ache that never goes away and I just ignore.
I’ve had many tests, xray, sono, EGD, everything is “”normal, just a fatty liver””. MD’s say fatty liver will not cause these symptoms, but I have spoken with other people who report the same problems.
Also I just found out that the guy that did my surgery left something inside my friend when he did hers. He dropped a stone and it’s been sitting inside of her for a year, she’s been very fatigued and crampy and now has to have another surgery to get it out!”