“I had my gallbladder removed in July 1997 (lap chole). Ever since then I have had horrible stomach problems. Right now I am suffering a bout of bad upper right abdominal pain that extends to my back and shoulder blade. I’ve had this pain off and on since two months after the lap chole. I have had two upper endoscopies, one colonoscopy, two barium swallows, two CT scans, several ultrasounds and countless visits to GI docs. I recently was diagnosed with celiac disease – which explains the pain/bloating/diarrhea on the left side. But no one can tell me what the recurrent bouts of pain are on the upper right. I suspect it is Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction – GI docs never mentioned this. They always look at me like I’m crazy or making it up. For years was told I have IBS (this is the celiac). My upper rt. abd pain does not seem to relate to a fatty meal (don’t eat fat or gluten). In fact this last bout started during the fast last week before my EGD/colonoscopy – when I hadn’t eaten ANYTHING for 24 hours.
I always freak out and worry that it’s my liver or pancreas (I’ve had slightly elevated bilirubin levels) but after ready numerous accounts of others with upper right pain post lap chole, I think this is a common outcome that should be addressed by the surgeon or GI doc pre-surgery. No blame to docs but would be nice to know what to expect post surgery. At least I wouldn’t have spent 11 years worrying!

Going to start on prilosec next week. Having another ultrasound next week. Will discuss SOD with GI doc”