I had my gallbladder out (laparoscopic) in October 2006. Three weeks later I had an abscess removed from my liver caused by infection from the gallbladder surgery. They used a hepatic drain to remove the abscess. In April 2008 I started having major pain episodes about once a month. Same things as many described (fullness, pain in abdomen, spasms, vomiting, etc). These episodes happen about once a month and last for 1 – 2 days. I went through all the same tests (endoscope, camera, colonoscopy, emptying study, etc). In October 2008 I finally insisted on exploratory laparoscopic surgery. They found adhesions and a “misplaced” suture that had been left behind during the hepatic drain procedure. Even though I was mad I thought the ordeal was over. Well April 200http://lifewithnogallbladder.com/forums/topic/operation-complications/ the episodes were back. I have since had three attacks. Most likely the adhesions are back. It is a vicious cycle. They remove them and most likely come back. I’m looking in to alternative treatments like massage therapy to break up the adhesions and acupuncture. Good luck to all, I’ll post any successful treatments!